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Thru Monday, November 30

We are so excited to have our friend Kurt Kalker, RN, join us for our Tea & Talk event this weekend. He is a Pediatric Registered nurse of 25 years with a background in multiple specialties, including cannabis nursing, and is the Patient Care Manager at Cape Ann Botanicals. We often refer people to him and his team to receive medical advice and look forward to having him join us to share his wisdom. 

Please email us to RSVP and receive the meeting link. 

Science + Wisdom

As an “Earth Wisdom Apothecary," Flora Sophia Botanicals' approach to health and healing is driven both by rigorous scientific inquiry and ​by traditional herbalism and the deeper intuitive gifts we all have -​ ​gifts which connect us to plants and brought us to this exact place in our healing journey. Many companies claim patented technologies and seek to distill and 'purify' their extracts. We spend time in the fields and seek to preserve the entirety of the plant's integrity and spectrum, rather than impressing our will upon it. Flora Sophia's formulation strategy aims for simplicity and minimal processing - our goal is to move out of the way, and create the most direct connection between you, the plants and their healing capacity. Those who know true medicine can feel the difference. 

Specialized Formulations

CBD, CBDA, CBG and more. Always Full Spectrum.