Our Story

Flora Sophia Botanicals’ approach is driven both by rigorous scientific inquiry and traditional herbalism, and our goal is to craft CBD products that harness the best of both.



Very few companies sell cannabinoid products that they grew themselves. You might be surprised how many folks working in CBD have never walked through a hemp field - touching, smelling, planting, harvesting, and solidifying a deep relationship with this plant. We grew these products with our own hands and managed the extraction process. Everything we make is full spectrum, so you benefit from a whole host of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, in addition to high-quality CBD. The formulation you receive is based on over 25 years of herbalism experience and formal degrees in neuroscience and nutrition.

Above all, we are committed to making the highest quality CBD products to help you flourish. We believe this means doing things differently every step of the way–from the standards we set for how our hemp is grown and extracted, to the care our small, dedicated team puts into handcrafting each product. 

We are thankful you’re here and are happy to provide you with quality products. Please tell your friends and family about our products and visit our Facebook business page to learn more and be a part of our growing community.