The Power of CBG: How Does CBG Make You Feel and What Are Its Potential Benefits?

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At this point in your wellness journey you have probably heard and read a lot about CBD and THC and their potential uses. But what about CBG? Cannabigerol, or CBG for short, is another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that is becoming more and more popular and piquing the interest of scientists curious about its potential therapeutic benefits. In this article we are going to dive further into what exactly CBG is, the difference between CBD and CBG, and discuss early findings that show promise for CBG’s application in health and wellness.

What is CBG?

The hemp plant contains over 400 chemical compounds, 80 of which are biologically active. According to early research, the most important compounds active in hemp plants are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are simply chemical compounds found in the hemp plant which interact with the body's endocannabinoid system and affect how the brain receptors receive, deliver, and process electric signals. There are over 60 cannabinoids present in hemp plants, each with varying levels of natural occurrence in terms of concentration. Amongst the most common are CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG.

CBG, cannabigerol, is often referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” as all cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) which is the acidic precursor to CBG. Like CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive compound and therefore does not produce a “high” when consumed. In hemp plants, CBG is far less abundant than CBD but the chemical compound still interacts with the endocannabinoid system, binding to receptors and affecting the brain's communication and response to internal functioning. 


As mentioned above, both CBD and CBG are cannabinoids found in both the cannabis and hemp plant. While they have a lot in common, there are differences between the two compounds. Here at Flora Sophia, we suggest CBD use for overall wellness and CBG more for increased energy levels and focus. However, as always, it is important to note everyone interacts with different cannabinoids uniquely. These are suggested uses, but as more research is conducted we are finding more potential uses for both cannabinoids. The graph below illustrates some similarities and differences between CBD and CBG.

How to Take CBG + Potential Benefits of CBG

Since all of our products are full spectrum, meaning we maintain the full composition of the plant when extracting, you can find a little bit of every cannabinoid, including CBG, present in all of our products. You may even be reaping the benefits of CBG without using a product specifically marketed as CBG since the entourage effect suggests you need all cannabinoids present to activate the benefits of one particular cannabinoid. They all work synergistically. However, to get larger servings of CBG specifically and incorporate CBG into your daily routine to experience its potential benefits, we currently have three different products to choose from - 20mg Full Spectrum CBG, 70mg Full Spectrum 2:1 CBD + CBG, and our 2:1 CBD + CBG Soothe and Calm Skin Salve. The first two options are in the form of a tincture, and the third in the form of a salve applied to the skin. The two different delivery methods come with different benefits, as tinctures provide sublingual application allowing the cannabinoids to easily enter the bloodstream, and the salve allows you to apply the cannabinoids topically to be absorbed by the skin and improve skin health.

Potential Benefits of CBG

Regardless of the application method, early studies have suggested numerous potential benefits of CBG. However, it is important to note, findings are not conclusive as research is in its infancy and has primarily been conducted on animals other than humans. In fact, consumers should be wary of any company that guarantees certain results from CBG use. Flora Sophia does not claim CBG can treat or cure conditions we will discuss. There is not nearly as much known about CBG as CBD, but its potential uses continue to be explored and scientists are excited by its potential application, especially because it does not cause psychoactive effects. Beyond strong anecdotal support from our customers who report improved energy levels, we can point to early studies to support its possible use for other cases.


Millions of people worldwide suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Recently, the prevalence of IBD has increased, especially in the United States. More and more people report using either cannabis or hemp to alleviate and cope with symptoms associated with IBD. Again, studies are not conclusive and much remains to be learned about serving requirements and delivery, however some studies have shown CBG to reduce colitis and reduce nitric oxide production associated with IBD in mice. As more research is conducted, CBG may be introduced clinically to help those with IBD.


Equally as prevalent, if not more widespread, is chronic pain. Chronic pain debilitates many all over the world. While CBD has shown some early promise in helping with the aches associated with chronic pain, CBG may also be useful. One small study in 2022 found the second most common reason people use hemp products high in CBG is to reduce inflammation. Over 70% of participants in this small study reported CBG being more effective in helping with pain than other prescription medications. 

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Application of CBG in treating neurodegenerative diseases is also being explored. It is believed that CBG is an endocannabinoid system regulator and may support neural activity. Early studies are exploring the potential benefits of CBG in patients with Huntingtons, Parkinsons, MS, and other similar diseases with early findings supporting it is worth further investigating CBG application. 

Skin Conditions

Our 2:1 CBD + CBG Soothe and Calm Skin Salve was developed to help alleviate skin irritation. In addition to potentially helping with the conditions already mentioned, CBG is also being studied to determine its effectiveness in treating conditions like eczema. There are not yet conclusive findings, but many of our customers have expressed how effective CBG can be in helping irritated skin. 

Ultimately, there is still a lot to be researched and learned. There currently is no definitive use for CBG in treating these conditions but the potential is exciting. Here at Flora Sophia, we simply recognize the use of cannabinoids throughout history and look forward to reviewing CBG’s benefits as more research is published.

Benefit of Taking CBD and CBG Together 

As we have covered in previous blogs, there is a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. This theory suggests individual cannabinoids are more effective when all cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other compounds are preserved and in the mix. It's as though they need the other cannabinoids to be present to be activated. Fortunately, all of our products are full spectrum and preserve the naturally occurring chemical profile. Still, certain cannabinoids such as CBG are present in low quantities in our CBD products, so it is not only safe but may be beneficial to pair your CBD product of choice with one of our CBG products. Of course, be mindful of the total cannabinoids you are consuming and always start low and go slow. If you are introducing CBG products to your daily routine for the first time, start with a small serving and gradually progress as needed. As a reminder, it can take up to two weeks of consistent use before realizing the effects of both CBD and CBG. Everyone responds differently to CBG, so it may take some experimentation with serving sizes before you experience the benefits.

Potential Side Effects of CBG

Like CBD, CBG is generally regarded as safe to consume. No serious side effects have been reported. You could potentially experience dry mouth, dry eyes, sleepiness, or increased appetite. Like CBG’s use for certain conditions, more research is needed to definitively determine potential side effects. It is important to first consult with a medical professional before taking CBG, especially if you take medication which says to avoid grapefruit consumption or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

As our knowledge of the hemp plant and its cannabinoids expands, both the scientific community and consumers are increasingly interested in the potential uses and benefits. CBG continues to gain popularity and with time we will learn more about what CBG has to offer. Evidence is not yet conclusive and there is still little known about CBG compared to CBD, however, we are excited to learn more and we believe CBG can play an important role in your everyday wellness. We encourage you to do further research and read our customers' experiences before using our CBG products. As always, it is important to consult with your medical provider before consuming. 


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