20 CT Full Spectrum 20mg CBD Gummies: Tangerine

20 CT Full Spectrum 20mg CBD Gummies: Tangerine

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Our Full Spectrum Gummies have long been some of the best on the market, and now they're even better! 

Same Full Spectrum CBD Oil, but a better consistency, more stable in warm weather, free of major allergies, and now Vegan. All this while maintaining all-natural organic ingredients!

20 gummies per container and 20mg CBD per gummy, for a total of 400mg CBD

Ingredients: Organic brown rice syrup, Organic evaporated cane sugar, Xylitol, Pectin, Citric acid, Sunflower Oil, Natural flavors & colors (Turmeric), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, and Organic carnauba wax.

Please reach out to us at info@florasophiabotanicals.com with any questions, or to inquire about international orders. 

Not for sale to or use by individuals under 21 years of age. Please see our Terms of Sale. 

Your health is in our hands––and we take that seriously. At Flora Sophia, we’re committed to creating formulas with integrity. That means organic ingredients, scientific processes, and fast shipping for wellness you can depend on.

Flora Sophia is a high-quality collection of science-proven, natural CBD products formulated specifically for health and wellness. From our farm to your life. We believe that by staying true to nature, we can be better to ourselves.


A healthier, happier way to live

We believe every body can benefit from CBD. From relieving chronic pain and reducing inflammation to easing anxieties and promoting better sleep, our high-quality CBD products serve as solutions for specific health concerns, or supplements for improving overall wellness.


A healthier, calmer state of mind

Your state of mind matters. CBDA helps you get in your best mindset by easing anxieties and soothing depression. It also reduces inflammation, supports your immune system, and boosts overall health.


A healthier, clearer way to find focus

CBG clears your mind so you can find focus and clarity. Often used as a morning activator, it’s a great way to kickstart your day, with additional health benefits that include improved gut balance, pain relief, nausea relief, skin infection relief, and boosted overall wellness.


As pure as CBD gets.

  • Relieve aches and pains

    Alleviate muscle and joint discomfort so you can get on with your day.

  • Calm anxieties

    Quiet your mind and take control over your worries.

  • Sleep easier

    Fall asleep faster and rest better so that you can take on tomorrow, no problem.

  • Live well

    Enjoy a healthier, happier life––naturally.


As pure as CBDA gets.

  • Improve mental health

    Calm your anxieties and uplift your mood for better, brighter days.

  • Reduce inflammation

    Fight inflammation and relieve the aches and pains that come with it.

  • Support your immune system

    Proactively prepare your body to fight germs, bacteria, and infections.

  • Live well

    Enjoy a healthier, happier life––naturally.


As pure as CBG gets.

  • Activate your mind

    Start each morning with a fresh perspective thanks to qualities that amplify focus and promote clarity.

  • Balance your gut

    Restore gut health, ease digestion, and help your body absorb the benefits of nutrients.

  • Relieve pain and discomfort

    Soothe aches and pains while also warding off bacterial skin infections and nausea.

  • Live well

    Enjoy a healthier, happier life––naturally.


Which formula is right for me?



Ideal for anyone looking for relief from everyday stress, inflammation and chronic pain



Ideal for anyone looking for the benefits of calm, relaxation, and good moods



Ideal for anyone looking for a boost in energy