Our Story

Flora Sophia Botanicals is an “Earth Wisdom Apothecary” whose approach to health and healing is driven both by rigorous scientific inquiry and also by traditional herbalism and the deeper intuitive gifts we all have - the gifts which connect us to plants and brought us to this exact place in our healing journey.

Very few companies sell cannabinoid products that they grew themselves. You might be surprised how many folks working in CBD have never walked though a hemp field - touching, smelling, planting, harvesting, and, of course, solidifying a deep relationship with this plant and the medicine. We grew this medicine with our own hands and oversee the extraction process. The formulation you receive is based on years of experience - informed both by my 25+ years of working with plant medicines and formal degrees in Neuroscience and Nutrition.

All of our products contain less than .3% THC by weight as is the standard practice among industrial hemp companies in remaining compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill.

We aim to have affordable prices that enable people to explore this plant medicine and sustain their consumption as needed. For those with chronic issues who are committed to CBD but need it at a cheaper price, please ask about our Chronic Care Program. Through this program we give folks with these needs the opportunity to buy in bulk and receive special wholesale pricing. We also are happy to have launched the Breast Cancer Support Program in October 2020.

We are thankful you are here and thankful that our work might benefit you and your family. Please tell your friends and family about our product and while you are at it, join our Facebook Group “CBD Farm to Patient” to learn more and be a part of our growing community.