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This year marks the fifth anniversary of Flora Sophia. Happy anniversary! Over the past five years it has been our absolute pleasure to consistently bring our customers the best hemp-based CBD products. During that time, we weren’t just making great product, we were listening to your feedback. Now, we’re ready to re-introduce ourselves.

First, the reason we’re here. Life is hard. Flora Sophia is on a mission to bring more calm, joy, and wellness to your world by harvesting the raw health benefits of nature’s purest CBD.

Second, we want to share our values. CBD is growing in popularity fast. People are learning CBD helps them heal, rest, feel balanced, and it’s a part of their everyday healthy lifestyle. But there’s still a lot people don’t yet know about CBD. In a fast-growing market with a lot of unknowns, it can be difficult to navigate, get to the science, and know who to trust with your health and wellness. With that backdrop, we want you to know what Flora Sophia stands for.

Wellness. Flora Sophia is more than a family of products, it’s a means to a better life. We carefully craft formulas with specific health-related goals in mind, from reducing pain to aiding sleep and calming anxiety to restoring balance and clarity. In a world that asks more of us every day, our brand is passionate about creating calm, relief, rest, and the ability to feel and live well.

Quality. We are dedicated to making the best of hemp accessible to you. We’re obsessive about overseeing every step of the process from farm to consumer to ensure our plants are produced in a way that ensures an effective, premium product. And we share the science with you so you know what you’re getting and why.

Nature. Our brand is anchored in the raw, untampered healing ability found in nature and the science that underpins it. We’re outspoken advocates for natural health and at the root of our mission is the desire to connect people to the hemp plant with care and respect for its brilliant biology. 

Transparency and Simplicity. If a product is going into or onto your body, you should know where it comes from and what it’s made of. We’re open and honest with you so you can be confident in the choices you’re making and that what we’re saying is true: our formulas stem straight from the source. 

We’d like to ask a few things from you:

  1. Check us out (again)! Visit the rest of our new website. Read our new content. Try our same great formulas with their new look. Try our new look and see for yourself.

  2. Share us with friends and family. We want to build a community around our values and products, that's why we've launched Flora Sophia Rewards. We’d love for you to be a part of it. Share us with someone new and receive $20 off your next order. Keep an eye out for our new products. Enroll as an FSB member and get even better pricing

  3. Stay connected with us for great new things to come. We are adding new products. We want to interact with you more. We are putting more out into the world with helpful guiding blog posts and research. Tell us how we can do better!

We are passionate about what we do. So naturally, we’re eager to share that with you. We know you come to us when you want to live better. When you have pain, trouble sleeping, feel stressed or overwhelmed, or when you are looking for ways to stay healthy, focused and balanced. We are here to help.

Flora Sophia.

Farm-to-you CBD. Inspired by nature. Backed by science.

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