CBD Delivery Methods: What’s Right For Me?

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Gummies, tinctures, skin salves…there are so many options for how to get your daily CBD; how do you know which will work best for your lifestyle and body? We’re going to talk about what is unique about each of these different delivery methods, to help you demystify the options available to you.

Gummies: Convenience and Simplicity

Gummies are one of the most popular ways to take CBD because they’re convenient and tasty. They are also a pre-measured serving of CBD. Each individual gummy contains 20mg CBD, so all you have to do is pop one (or two!) for the perfect amount of CBD every time. Gummies are also great for folks who are sensitive to the natural taste of most of our oils. Gummies come in four delicious fruit flavor combinations: Cherry Lime, Peach Pear, Strawberry Lemonade, and Tangerine.


Tinctures: Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Tinctures are liquid infusions intended to be taken orally, either simply swallowed or held under the tongue for faster absorption. Tinctures can be made with several different carrier liquids such as alcohol, glycerin, or oil. Flora Sophia tinctures are made with MCT oil as a carrier, and most of our tinctures also contain a bit of hemp seed oil. Every tincture bottle has a graduated dropper so that you always know exactly how much you’re taking. Tinctures are easy to experiment with, as you can change your serving size whenever you want, and it’s easy to mix several products in the ratios you choose. Tinctures give you the most control over what cannabinoids you’re getting and in what volume, while offering the flexibility to try different things. They are also the most cost-effective delivery method for folks taking larger servings. 



Topicals: Spot Relief, Exactly Where You Need it

CBD applied directly to the skin works differently than when it’s taken orally. When CBD is digested, it permeates into the bloodstream and works systemically. Applying it directly to the skin doesn’t allow for much absorption past the fascia and muscle layers below, so very little CBD actually enters the bloodstream. However, topicals are generally fast-acting, so while CBD applied directly to the skin won’t have effects anywhere else in your body, it’s great for spot-relief. Our skin salves can be applied as often as necessary, and they are best massaged into the skin for relief from aches and pains or irritation. Some folks use skin salves alone, but they can also be combined with your daily CBD regimen for an added boost whenever you need it!


Honey Sticks: Nature’s Own Candy

Our honey sticks are another sweet way to get your daily CBD. Honey sticks contain 20mg of CBD each (the same amount as our gummies), and are ultra portable if you need an on-the-go option. CBD honey sticks are also lovely mixed into beverages! While our oil tinctures don’t dissolve well in most drinks, our honey sticks are great for sweetening a soothing cup of tea or adding some depth to your morning latte (Not a coffee or tea fan? You can also simply dissolve them in warm water.) You can even try them on toast or pancakes.



The Takeaway: Something for Everyone

At Flora Sophia, we believe CBD should be easy and accessible for everyone, so we’ve got a delivery method for every lifestyle and mood. And if you have questions about how to use any of these products, just send us an email at info@florasophiabotanicals.com. We are always happy to help!


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