Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 800mg in Organic Oil Blend


Our 800mg (total cannabinoid) Hemp Extract is perfect for integrating cannabinoids into your diet. With 23mg of CBD per ml, this is many people's go to oil, taking .5-1ml alongside their other daily supplements. Each bottle contains slightly over 1 gram of our highest quality, Full Spectrum, ethanol extracted FECO oil blended into organic MCT and organic hemp seed oil.

Start at .5ml per dose (~10-12mg CBD) and work up from there. For some, this will be sufficient, others will slowly work up to higher doses depending on their needs.

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil (Coconut), Organic hemp seed oil, Full spectrum hemp extract.

Not for sale to or use by individuals under 18 years of age. Please see our Terms of Sale. International Orders - contact info@florasophiabotanicals.com

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